When There's Smoke ... There's ?
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Smoke Alarm SafetyYou know the answer. – “where there’s smoke – there’s fire”. The real question is whether you would know if there is a fire in your house. It is a proven fact that smoke alarms save lives. Your chances of surviving a fire are increased by 50%, if you have a working smoke alarm. However, a smoke alarm is not something you attach to your ceiling and forget about. Smoke alarms must be installed properly and maintained, so that they will be ready and able to alert you if there is a fire. As of January 1, 1999, all Kansas homes are required to have a working smoke alarm on every level. All new homes being constructed today are even required to have a smoke alarm installed in each bedroom as well. New homes have 110 volt alarms with battery back-up and they are interconnected so that when one activates, they all activate.

Unfortunately, we have found that approximately 1/3 of all smoke alarms are not functioning. Make sure yours isn't one of them by vacuuming and testing it monthly. If it is battery operated, you should change its batteries whenever you change your clock in the spring and again in the fall. However, some alarms have a 10-year lithium battery. Mark the date you purchased this detector on the inside cover, so you will know when to replace it. Some recent studies have suggested that some children may not wake up to a smoke alarm. The only way to know for sure is to test your alarm in the middle of the night to see if your children awaken. If they don't, you can install alarms above their bed; install an alarm that also projects a bright strobe light, or you can install a device that will vibrate the bed. Waking them is only half the battle; now teach them how to get out. The Johnson County Fire and Emergency Chiefs’ Association wishes to ensure that you are protected. Many Fire Departments and the American Red Cross will even install a smoke alarm for those that do not have one.

If you need assistance, please contact Johnson County fire District #1.